This is home.

This is home. It's not just something that is said around here, it's the culture. Home may have a different connotation relative to your experience. Here, however, home is a place where family gathers, home is where you relax, home is where you can encounter the Father.


Establish Kingdom culture in hearts, homes, neighborhoods, and nations.


Demonstrate the ministry of Jesus to all people and disciple His followers.

Strategy: The 4 C's


Jesus spoke to the multitudes, the faith followers (the seventy), the twelve, and the inner circle (Peter, James, & John). We gather is similar ways. Collective gatherings include the body as a whole like our Sunday Encounters. We also gather in categorical Communities. Women's and Men's groups to name a few. Our Covenant Groups are smaller gatherings focusing on connection with the Word and each other. Finally, the Core are those two or three that you do everyday life with.


Jesus is our message
Presence is our priority
Pentecostal Faith is our perspective
Loving People is our heart
Prayer is essential
Worship is our response
Authenticity is our standard
Generosity is our privilege
Simplicity is how we do more with less
Serving Locally & Globally is our calling

Core Tenets


Through love we encounter, by love we are made disciples, and overflowing with the love we reach hearts, homes, neighborhoods, and nations.


We value covering, accountability and guidance. Therefore, we are affiliated with the Church of God (Cleveland, TN). The denomination, founded in 1886, consists of 36,000 churches and 7 million members in 178 countries.

Our Declaration of Faith